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Zompocalypse... Later

Zompocalypse... Later

~ Written and Directed by Christopher Willard
~ Costume Design by Mary Lorch
~ Lighting and Sound by Christopher Willard
~ Zombie Effects by John O'Connor

~ Featuring Daniel Burdette, Michael Gibson, Jon Hans, Susan Harrison, Christopher Juergens, Jeremy Lefevre, Hannah Overton, Shayne Taylor, Jaclyn Walsh

Nate and Zach throw an epic opening day party - just as the zombie apocalypse hits! But when a rival party gets overrun by zombies first, they find their party is the hit of the season. Now, if they can just fend off the undead long enough to create the last great blowout humankind has ever known.

Contains adult language and situations.

Performance Dates:
October 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, 31
November 1, 2

Ticket Prices:
All tickets are $18 plus a $2 surcharge.

The first 2 rows are a Splatter Zone. If you choose to sit in this section bring a poncho or something to dry off with.

Showtime 7:30pm
Doors open 1 hour before showtime