Casting is underway and may not be completed until May 29.  Thanks for your patience.

Annie has captured countless hearts since its debut four decades ago, and it remains a beloved, inspiring musical. 

This production will feature a large Summit County cast in the beautiful Riverwalk Center. 

Book by Thomas Meehan
Music by Charles Strouse
Lyrics by Martin Charnin

Directed by Christopher Willard
Music Directed by Simon Daum

Choreography by Abbey Austin

Annie - Ceaira Seiber (u.s. Saskia Martin-Williams)
Grace - Hannah Harmon
Hannigan - Lenore Giardina
Lily - Abbey Austin
Boylan Sisters - Isabela Imamura, Ellyn Lew, Hailey Pfeiffer
Star-To-Be - Isabela Imamura
Bert Healy - Levi Quandt
FDR - Kirt Greenburg
Mrs. Greer - Cathie Hill
Drake - Jim Anderson
Annette - Ava Liebendorfer
Sophie - Cathie Hill

Molly - Joely Rupert
Kate - Tessa Ramsay
Tessie - Sophia Feller
Pepper - Chanel Richmond
July - Kaelin Love
Duffy - Mikaela Clark

Ensemble Orphans
Haven Leinweber
Saskia Martin-Williams
Natalie Scott
Indira Tancheff

Ensemble Dancers/Actors
Ellie Browne
Cassidy Citron
Tommy Francis
Ana Golgoon
Bridgette Hough
Ava Liebendorfer
Gabby Maglioccheti
Linna Mora
Kaydence Murphy
Maddie Nations
Levi Quandt

Ensemble Girls
Maggie Fisk
Heidi Frey
Gracie Giardina
Peyton Goossen
Aida Guerra
Haley Nations
Addison Olson
Talia Rupert
Ella Suchomski
Alice & Page Wescott

Ensemble Boys
Leif Anderson
Will Bentley
Jesse Busnardo
Riley Goossen
Ian Hans

Ensemble Men
Jim Anderson
Dave Cope
Bernie Frey
Kirt Greenburg
Zach Merriman
Julio Mora
Randy Nations

Ensemble Women
Alena Babich
Brina Babich
Lauretta Babich
Laura Frey
Lisa Hans
Cathie Hill
Anna Marie Murrell
Tara Olson
Laurie Rambaud




Aug. 24 to Sept. 2, 2018

At the Riverwalk Center
150 W. Adams Avenue, Breckenridge