*** NEW This Year ... DOUBLE CASTING ***

With our program growing each year and with so much talent to feature, we, the directors, have decided to give the opportunity for theatrical growth and performance experience to multiple students.  If under your role you see your name divided by a "/" with someone else’s name, this denotes double casting.  Each performer will be given 2 shows for their role.  Each performer will be required to be at ALL performances and rehearsals ready to perform if something should happen to the other performer.  Double casting is a formula often used by other theatre companies as well as Broadway companies (Billy Elliot, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.).  We look forward to watching you all grow through this process. 

*** If your name is on this cast list, please note that you will only be allowed ONE excused absence from rehearsal.  For the most part, you should consider your participation at rehearsals as MANDATORY.  Please respond via email to as your acceptance of your role and your agreement to this commitment by 12/ 11/ 17.  If we do not receive an email from you by this date, we will assume that you have declined the role, and we will recast.

*** If your name is not on this cast list, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWING US YOUR TALENT.  This was an incredibly hard decision as you were all very special.  We encourage you to keep training and auditioning! 

Mary Poppins - Isabela Imamura / Ellyn Lew

Bert - Levi Quandt

George - Foster Krueger

Bird Woman - Alice Wescott / Mikaela Clark

Winifred - Alice Westcott / Mikaela Clark

Jane - Sophia Feller / Mimi Mocatta 

Michael - Hamilton Preaus / Mason Wescott 

Mrs. Brill - Jorie Benson 

Mrs. Corry - Abby Anderson 

Miss Andrew - Summer Krueger / Jaye Mueller 

Bird Woman - Ellyn Lew 

Northbrook - Victoria Uglyar

Von Hussler - Ian Hans

Neleus - Maggie Butler 

Robertson Ay - Victoria Campbell 

Katie Nanna - Leah Wilson

Featured Statues  - Niamh Nelson, Gracie Giardina 

Miss Smythe - Maggie Fisk 

Chairman - Riley Goossen

Kite Flyers - Ella Suchomski, Leif Anderson, Paige Wescott, Gracelyn Garvert, Peyton Goosen, Sean O’Brien 

Policeman - Sean O'Brien

Messenger - Peyton Goossen

Featured Sweeps - Leah Wilson, Maggie Fisk, Kaelin Love, Brina Babich

Chimney Sweeps and Jolly Holiday Dancers - Mollie Morrow, Victoria Ugylar, Natalie Scott, Maggie Fisk, Kaelin Love, Brina Babich, Raina Miller,  Izzy Lawson, Leah Wilson, Alena Babich, Mia Penasa, Haven Leinweber, Maggie Butler, Saskia Martin-Williams

*** Ensemble Roles will be Specified with the release of the rehearsal schedule. The Ensemble will be playing the following roles: park strollers, honeybees, penguins, clerks, etc.*** 


Anna Vos 

Autumn Kennedy 

Aida Allen-Guerra

Mary Grace Butler 

Heidi Frey 

Anna Shingles 

Fiona Baird 

Danielle Weisberg 

Lilliana Matthison

Taylor Matthison 

Julianna Broughton 

Addison Olson 

Haley Nations 

Talia Rupert 

Emily Noble