We have divided the MPJR cast into two groupings:  the Spoons and Kites casts.  Please see the principal divisions below - as well as the dates/times when these principal groups will perform the show.  

Mary Poppins - Ellyn Lew
Winifred - Alice Wescott
Jane - Mimi Mocatta
Michael - Hamilton Preaus
Bird Woman - Mikaela Clark
Miss Andrew - Summer Krueger
Everyone else as cast

Mary Poppins - Isabela Imamura
Winifred - Mikaela Clark
Jane - Sophia Feller
Michael - Mason Wescott
Bird Woman - Alice Wescott
Miss Andrew - Jaye Mueller
Everyone else as cast

SPOONS Cast Performances:  
Friday, April 27 - 7 PM
Saturday, April 28 - 2 PM

KITES Cast Performances:  
Saturday, April 28 - 7 PM
Sunday, April 29 - 4 PM